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Metal type and care


Most of the chains used in Kari Lane Jewelry are authentically vintage or antique. Because of the vintage quality of the metal, it is hard to know the exact metal used in each piece.  If a chain has sterling silver or other precious metal it will be labeled as such.

The most delicate chains I purchase new to keep the quality up to snuff and are either made of sterling silver or 14k gold filled chain.


All of the ear hooks are safe for sensitive ears.  The kidney earrings are made from surgical steel, and the other ear hooks are either sterling silver or 14k gold filled.



Gold plated or silver plated metals are less expensive, but they are also less likely to keep their color since the plated surface is very thin on top of the base metal underneath.  That means that if the base metal is copper, brass, or nickel then your metal could change color after only wearing it a short amount of time.  It also means that it could possibly turn your skin green (especially earring hooks).

Since plated jewelry is less durable, I like to use 14k gold filled metals and sterling silver for any new metal purchases. Because the quality is significantly better, the pieces will last much longer. This means the metal will keep its color and also help to keep your skin from getting irritated.



To keep your purchases looking their best, it is ideal to store them in a cool, dry place out of open air like a jewelry box or even in the plastic bag in which they arrive.  Air and humidity combined with body oils can tarnish pieces quickly.  Avoid using lotions and hair sprays after putting on your Kari Lane Jewelry piece and gently wipe off your piece with a soft cloth after wearing for longer lasting shine.